Andrea Corr Caught Tanning In Bikini

If you remember a pop- rock group “The Corrs”, this great looking lady in a bikini, tanning on her yacht is one of the members, Andrea Corr. Being in mid forties, looking better than ever, this woman definitely has a daily routine that keeps her well rested, good looking and active enough to maintain her slim figure. Thanx to paparazzi, we get to see a bit of her, off screen.

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Andrea Corr Nice Cameltoe In Wet Bikini

Andrea Corr Nice Cameltoe In Wet Bikini

Everyone wants to look at least like Andrea Corr when in mid forties like she is, in a green bikini and running around on the beach, during a sunny day. This hot looking woman who is a member of the well known pop- rock band "The Corrs" is fit and obviously in a very good mood here. Now, do we...

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