Pixie Lott Tanning In Sexy Bikini On A Beach

No matter if she is wearing a bikini or a swimsuit, sweet English singer Pixie Lott looks hot when she shows a bit of her skin and this time she went for the two piece, wanting to get a nice, glowing tan, during a vacation. The high waisted bottom paired with a matching, blue and white straps top looked very fashionable on her and it matched her hair color perfectly.

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Pixie Lott Swimsuit And Upskirt Shots

Pixie Lott Swimsuit And Upskirt Shots

Recently, Pixie Lott flaunted her wonderful tanned body, sunbathing in a cocoa-colored bikini on the beach and her juicy breasts and ass looked just gorgeous in it. But not long ago at a party with her there was an embarrassment. The girl was dressed in a purple dress and the cut on it was so...

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